Sunday, 9 March 2014

Applique letters

I love making baby blankets, and have dabbled in using bondaweb to applique shapes onto fleece, quite successfully.
 I've seen some wonderful quilting on Pinterest such as this link for a very cute gnome's house: -
I wondered what appliquéd letters would be like to do with a bit of padding.... I found a website for free downloads of letter stencils  - really cool as you can choose the font, size, etc and simply print it off, or copy and paste to a Word document which is what I did so I could fiddle about.  I got the right size and cut out the paper stencils then used then used them as mini-paper patterns on some fabric scraps I had......

I use polystyrene wadding - inexpensive, durable and very practical for something that will be well used like a baby blanket! The backing fabric is also any sort of scrap material (remember to keep those odd shaped bits when you cut something out). Next task: to machine sew round the edges, making sure you catch the edges.
Whoever invented double sided sticky tape needs a medal!  I stuck the letters onto the blanket in the position I wanted them... Pinning can all too often result in movement and endless frustrating unpicking! Stitch round using a fairly narrow zigzag stitch - I chose a contrasting colour.... And here's the result....

 How sweet is this!

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