Monday, 3 March 2014

Introducing Dunn Crafting!

Hello!  I'm Sue and this introduces the Dunn Crafting duo - mum, (me!), and daughter, Karen, (the gorgeous one) who have ventured into the world of crafting and, hopefully, of enthusing others.

We are both keen sewers - Karen has made some brilliant things for her children just by looking at pictures - and of course, Pinterest is the best place for inspiration!
It all started over the Christmas break - Karen made some beautiful, festive quilted baubles (pomanders), I knitted some baubles with Norwegian designs - and we decided on the spur of the moment to launch Dunn Crafting on -

Since then, our range has grown, our techniques are developing all the time (don't you just love hot glue!)

And the best bit is the experimenting with new ideas .

We also have a Facebook page where you can see photos of what we're doing. -

We hope you will enjoy these posts as we share our journey with you


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