Sunday, 1 May 2016

Why do we create? Fiona Duddy replies....

Fiona is an amazing and talented designer, owner of Etsy shop MadebyFeFiFo (click here)

She hails from Erdington, Birmingham where she lives with her fiance.  

She says 'I often joke that I can be found working on every vertical and horizontal surface going in my partner's home'

Like so many crafters I have come to know, Fiona's love of creativity is rooted in her family:

My love for being creative has been instilled in me by a number of beloved family members and through their own individual talents and passions for the arts.  Though, it was when I chose to study textiles in art and design at college, and then at university to study surface pattern and textiles, that my creative personality expanded and truly blossomed.

With my own creative style I find I have a passion for all-over pattern, the mixing of all shapes and colours, as many overlapping and jarring liner lines or rhythmical forms as possible.

Why do we create?

I suppose personally it's a form of displaying how my mind thinks and works, and I love to get stuck in the messy process of stamping or screen printing new projects.  I think I'm a messy artist at heart!

Stages in Fiona's creation of her own floral stamps - and the wonderful colourful results

The wedding cards and invitations I currently sell and have recently just launched on Etsy among my cushions and accessories, all have a handmade rawness to the detail.  This is something I feel is becoming more and more desired in a world of digital downloads and increasing virtual platforms.  

I think the importance of the visual vibrancy, texture and tactility of an object, made by one person and to be held in the hands of another, is as important as its own functionality.

Fiona's work can also be seen here.  

Pay her shop a visit - you won't be disappointed!

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  1. love these prints - really special

  2. You're so right about the importance of various textures! It does bring things to life!