Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Something I've learnt since we opened our Etsy shop is that what we think is stunning may not be terrific from a buyer's point of view!  We may invest time, energy, and love into our little creations but if they don't appeal they don't sell.  
Self evident?  Well yes... but how do you tell a mother hen that her chicks are less than perfect!

So.... deep breath..... these button baubles were not doing anything.... 

from a buyer's point of view they were just a tad ... well... boring .... 

So the only answer was to do a bit of jazzing up, add some glittery bits, add in a pretty gift box and .....

  Ta Da!

Reinvented as flowergirl or bridesmaid gifts - that could also be little gifts for Christmas

Now let's see what happens!

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