Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Tree decorations

I've always thought of the Christmas tree as being the focus of all festive decorations in the home - and when my kids were growing up, everything was flung on, regardless of colour schemes, or quality (I had to be strong and chuck out decorations that really had seen better days!)

Fashion trends can influence tree decorations - from pink and silver trees to black and white upside down trees (which, frankly, I think are a bit weird!  Each to his/her own.....)

I'm delighted to be able to show you some lovely decorations made by UK Sellers - and a few of our own too!

Kelly of has some fun decorations made with pencils (the gift that keeps on giving! - how many of us scrabble about looking for pencils to score games at Christmas!)

She also has recently added some stunning rustic decorations, that will fit with any colour scheme (or none!)  The collage shows a few and she also has other colours - deep purple, burgundy red and silver, blue and white .....


Gra of is a talented designer of cross stitch patterns - and these are lovely!  She says:  'They can be embroidered in high count fabric and framed in small hoops or maybe using plastic canvas to hang from the tree.'

Click HERE for the link for these lovelies in her shop 

A quick search through Hobbycraft or Coleman's Warehouse - or any other crafting suppliers - should help you find the little hoops or canvases you would like to use - a great way of making your tree really personal!

And for a bit of fun - with a little gift at the end - Naama of has a couple of really cute keyrings with a festive theme 

At DunnCrafting, we have a variety of Christmas tree baubles available - here is a selection for a more traditional tree in gorgeous golds, red and silver

Come and browse through these great shops - and make your Christmas tree unique with handmade decorations!

Happy Shopping!  


  1. Such lovely pieces to decorate the tree! Thanks again, Sue!

  2. Thanks for including me Sue! They're not exactly traditional decorations, but they're just sweet enough, no? ;) Love the selection here - so pretty!