Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Mother's Day - 26th March 2017

There are any number of quotes for Mother's Day - some beautiful, some thoughtful, some smaltzy.  At the heart of them all is knowing that we would not be here if it weren't for mothers!

In appreciation of all those wonderful women we know - the mothers, whether new, experienced, or grandmothers - this blog gives some tips - and gifts - to show how much they are loved.

1  Breakfast in Bed - for any mum!

Dads - get the kids involved!  A cup of coffee or tea, some toast inexpertly spread with large dollops of marmalade, maybe a crumpet sticky with honey - all placed on a tray that is carried perilously up the stairs ..... and of course, with a flower...  

This beautiful pendant is available from Peculiaris.etsy.com

2   For the new mum....

Dads.... Change the baby, warm the bottle - or hand over to mum for feeding, making sure she has everything she needs to hand... while you put the kettle on ....
and get breakfast ready for her, burp and soothe baby, put baby down to sleep, and take your lovingly prepared tray of breakfast upstairs to mum - or if she's beaten you to it, lay the table, fresh coffee, warm rolls or croissants - and add a little something that says....

How sweet is this?  From FuNkTjUnK.etsy.com

3 For Granny...

These great ladies are particularly special - they made us possible, often care for grandchildren and are an almost infinite source of stories and wisdom.  My old mum became bed-bound in her final years and loved a little pot of artificial marigolds that brightened up her room.  So here's a gift idea from me at DunnCrafting.etsy.com

A beautiful table centre with faux silk rosebuds  - perfect for a bedroom too

 Do pop over to these great UK Etsy sellers and browse their range of gifts

Happy Mother's Day  


  1. Lovely post! Some nice ideas there. Thanks for mentioning my shop :)